The term ‘Modern Slavery’ is used to describe situations where coercion, threats or deception are used to exploit victims and to undermine or deprive them of their freedom. We approach business responsibly and ethically. We reject any involvement in, or connection to unethical or illegal behaviour.

We want to ensure that all aspects of our business activity, including our supply chains, are free from any form of Modern Slavery. We are committed to using our established risk management principles and other controls to prevent Modern Slavery in any of its manifestations.

We strive to address Modern Slavery risks, potentially:

  • CAUSED by our organisation, where we can act to cease or prevent the risk and eliminate the impact.
  • CONTRIBUTED TO by our organisation, where we can act to cease or prevent our contribution to the risk and work proactively with supply chain stakeholders to eliminate the impact.
  • DIRECTLY LINKED TO our organisation, where we can use leverage to influence entities that are causing the risk to take action.

We are committed to implement the measures detailed in our Modern Slavery Statement to monitor and manage Modern Slavery risks.

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